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        Chenxi Recruitment
        Employing the concept
        Advocating people-oriented concept

        Company employees as the greatest wealth has always been pursued and implemented humane management, promote respect, care trust, motivating employees management rules, both for employees or customers, all with care, respect, equality and understanding attitude of view, in order to build a harmonious Humanities and stable business environment. Sound human resources system: adhere to the "de-centered, only" the selection principle, pay attention to integrity, professionalism, creativity and team spirit for the station; the work culture, culture promotion; pursue enrichment and job enlargement , job rotation, training "generalist"; with: Understand use, personnel director; clear responsibilities, proper authorization; brainstorming and common progress; to plant at home, to live and work; career planning, management and technology dual-track development; advocating corporate culture, and seek common development plans.

        talent development
        Training Introduction

        Chen Xi has been adhering to the "people-oriented, sustainable development" of values, put a lot of resources on the growth of every employee, and concern for the development of every employee. Training and development is the company to enhance the quality of workers and business skills, career planning help workers carried out a series of work.

        Entry guide

        The company provides training for new staff, mainly includes company profiles, rules and regulations, basic necessities, pay and benefits, etc. The purpose is to guide the new staff quickly into the company culture, and work smoothly.

        Pre-job training

        By the department in charge of new staff in a series of training for new staff during the trial organizations, including major infrastructure sectors, any production workflow, security, and other related systems within the stingy, the purpose is to allow new employees to work faster and understand working with the required knowledge, skills and a good attitude.

        Job training

        Workers during their daily work received a series of training; the company has launched a job skills upgrading training E-learning (learning education network), corporate trainer certification, the concept of lean culture popularization training project aimed to create a good. learning environment, building a learning organization, culture and future development of the company's operations needed talent. Is always shining gold, opportunities are always people who are prepared, and we look forward to a harmonious and workers in this challenging environment, a talent show, and grow with the company, together with the development.

        General manager

        description of job

        1, able to work independently, the company responsible for the overall management activities, ensure business objectives and profit targets to achieve the company's quality management and sustainable development;

        2, organization and coordination of all internal and external resources, create favorable conditions for the company's operations;

        3, to further improve and monitor the implementation of the existing enterprise management system, good people, financial, and material optimization process management arrangements;

        4, the further development of active, efficient and innovative team, to create a positive corporate culture;

        5, with the company's development objectives, and efficient implementation of the headquarters of the completion of the administrative tasks and activities.



        1, graduate, packaging engineering graduates priority;

        2, has a good-looking and high-end decision-making capacity;

        3, familiar with workflow management and business operations of enterprises and departments;

        4, there is a strong organization, coordination, communication, leadership skills and excellent interpersonal and social skills and insight;

        5, excellent management skills and personal charm, with excellent sales and marketing skills.

        Foreign Sales Manager

        job requirements:

        1, international trade, marketing and related professional degree or above.

        2, with more than 5 years of packaging industry experience in international marketing, international business development capabilities and strong market, with international clients.

        3, fluent in English, with strong communication and coordination skills. Salary: Excellent salary plus commission and social security, depending on the individual ability of a great room for growth

        Domestic Sales Manager

        description of job:

        1, for the domestic enterprise customers sales orders;

        2, led the domestic team to complete the development and maintenance of domestic customers, the establishment of a complete customer network system;

        3 to complete the annual sales target and can achieve sustained growth;

        4, establish and maintain a good brand image in the market;

        5, the company's co-ordination of various resources, to provide customers with specialized services.



        1, college education;

        2, there are some sales experience, have excellent performance;

        3, a good sense of teamwork and internal communication and collaboration capabilities;

        4, excellent sales opportunity analysis, judgment, ability to grasp;

        5, good interpersonal skills and customer relationship development, maintenance capabilities;

        6, good emotional stability and compression capabilities.;

        7, interested in continuous self-improvement, with good professionalism and teamwork. Salary: Excellent salary plus commission and social security,

        Depending on individual ability has great room for growth

        Vice president of production

        Job Responsibilities:

        1, the general manager to assist the development of the company's development strategy, responsible for the production management system related to the formulation, modification, inspection, monitoring, control and implementation of the execution.

        2, to establish and improve the production command system, the preparation of production planning, production and inspection work, to ensure the completion of production tasks. According to the production run plan, master production

        Progress, improve coordination of the workshop, organized distribution of labor, equipment and materials scheduling balance.

        3. grasp device management, proposed renovation program, with periodic maintenance, improve equipment availability and utilization.

        4, responsible for the production of technical and quality assurance, identify problems and solve organizational process.

        5, responsible for production safety, special work-site management, labor protection, environmental protection and so on.

        6, responsible department in charge of management and team building.


        job requirements:

        1,35-50 years old, has more than 5 years of the packaging and printing industry working experience in more than 10 years of practical experience in production management.

        2, tertiary and higher education.

        3, familiar with the industry process, master the basic theory of modern production management, able to skillfully use modern enterprise production management techniques and production plan

        Site management, strong production and quality of abnormal tracking and exception handling capabilities.

        4, good planning, organization, leadership, control, communication, coordination, innovation.

        5, strong sense of responsibility to lead by example, hard-working, unity colleagues, obey the leadership, the company abide by the rules and regulations.