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      2. Your current position: Home> core strengths
        core advantages

        We do not have massive publicity - some cases only with dozens of successful cooperation between industry giants.

        We do not have a team called the Masters - some just from the design to the printing industry are first-rate services.

        We do not have the habit of rhetoric - there is only so that each one works 100% customer satisfaction confidence.

        So, what support Chen Xi achieve such outcomes -------------

        1, we have advanced equipment to meet the most demanding printing needs

        We have currently the industry's most advanced printing equipment, reached world-class level in the finished color translation, accuracy and other aspects; in the printing process, the speed of delivery, etc. can also satisfy the most demanding customers.

        2, we have one-click service system, from the design to the printing side are industry-leading

        our own excellent designer team, so you do not have to spend exorbitant Shing design company spent seeking help. Just tell us your needs, from design planning eleven eleven eleven printing logistics and distribution, we will be into the constitution. You need to do, it is to the United States Constitution and design beautifully printed product knowing smile.

        3. We have decades of experience between the different needs of the industry have encountered calmly

        Not every Indian enterprises can to decades of skill, so that different sectors can work to reflect its unique characteristics. Chen Xi experience, allows us to your industry needs with the most profound grasp of eleven Whether you are trading, manufacturing, sales or other industries, here we never the exception.

        4, we not only serve the local, more cooperation with a large number of international clients precedents

        Our business is located in Shanghai, but our customers throughout the world. Germany Vorwerk group (Vorwerk), United States (Inspectron) and the French company Michelin Group have all been the object of our cooperation, and you will also receive the same with their work and services.

        5, we have the most sincere attitude, customer demand is always in the first place

        We not only provide first-class work, pay more attention to the actual needs of each client. We will not because they will serve 500 domestic companies dismissive, every customer is God, the needs of every God we will make every effort to meet.

        6, we are pragmatic, we allow customers to invest every penny worth

        To survive, it must have a profit. We are not the most low-cost Indian enterprises, but we ensure that every penny you spend is worth it. This is not only self-service Chen Xi, the level and quality of the conclusions, but we, as a mature corporate ethics.

        7, we firmly grasp the industry trends, in order to create the most in line with market demand for works

        Even with extensive experience in the face of rapidly changing market, we never dared to slack off. So that each works have become a tool for corporate and brand communication, to bring you real business value, we always pursuit of the goal. Please be assured that not only make the Chen Xi print-we will brand with your brand presence.

        Quality assurance
        Imported equipment
        Quality raw materials
        Senior team
        Strict quality system
        QC goods seized
        Quality assurance
        Price advantage
        Factory outlets
        Advanced devices
        Automation Printing
        Lean management
        Decades of concentration
        price advantage
        • Factory outlets
        • Advanced high-speed devices
        • Automation Printing
        • Lean management
        • Decades of concentration
        • price advantage
        Service Guarantee
        Material security
        Color Guarantee
        Production GT
        Management GT
        Delivery GT
        Emergency support
        Service Guarantee
        Normal printing
        A complete color management system, ensure the printed color is the color you see. Prepress equipment Traditional film plate, the traditional color printing proofing, restore the network difference
        More than one new imported printing presses, comprehensive and efficient to meet the needs of various customers Printing Equipment Domestic or second-hand printing press, print quality and poor sense of color
        India imports a full set of automated binding equipment India equipment Very few domestic or old binding machine, low productivity, low accuracy, low efficiency, quality can not be guaranteed
        Standardized plant, plant area of 6,000 square feet, more than 200 employees, the factory is large in scale, complete equipment scale Small-scale, small workshops, no advanced hardware
        Companies using ERP production management system, through the ISO9000 certification. management Family-owned factories or without professional management staff, no professional management software, handmade billing
        Professional technology team strictly in line with the customer is responsible attitude, try to make sure that each print prenatal samples. Crafts Only accepts print part processing procedures, can not take full account of the requirements of the direct production process, quality can not be guaranteed.
        Pre-press machine free checking client files in a timely manner for the customer file vulnerability discovery, and timely notification to modify adjustments. Services Only undertake unsolicited printed documents, no professional production staff inspect documents, quality problems, to shirk responsibility.
        Purchasing premium brand ink, green, bright colors, color saturation, adhesive fastness easy to dry Ink Buyer secondary brand ink, faded, to be dry for a long time and easy to ride dirty, viscosity is not guaranteed.
        Supplier brands, commonly used paper stock, to solve the urgent needs of customers orders, to ensure the quality of paper, printing and procurement cost savings Paper Random any brand or no brand unpackaged garbled paper, the paper does not guarantee the unity of the customer, without any inventory.