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        About Chengxi
        Company Introduction

          Shanghai Chen Xi Printing Co., Ltd., was established in April 2001, We are a private joint-stock physical plant design, commercial printing, and India after a full set of mechanized processing, global logistics "one-stop" service. 15 years experience, we have a comprehensive business development by a "toddler" growth, the strength of the printing industry mainstay. Has been named "Shanghai Printing Industry Management Association member units", "Shanghai to maintain growth and promoting development of the outstanding printing enterprises," enterprise through the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and the German environmental certification FSC forest, Chen Xi Printing promote "green , low-carbon, environmentally friendly, safe, "" resource conservation, recycling "; recommend use environmentally-friendly soy ink; FSC certified forests in environmentally friendly paper; using recycled waste paper recycling environmental protection; 100% chlorine-free bleached pulp, neutral sizing, fill all feeding meet environmental targets.

          15 years we have dedicated, innovative efforts to tackle tough, targeting the market with domestic customers standards, from 2005 onwards from the original purely commercial printing new opens up a new R & D projects, under the guidance of Division I led the successful development of the hardcover children books, children's books and various shaped paperboard books, pop-up book of business. Division I constantly make an effort in internal management and technical personnel and technology research / three, and strive to improve each process under the premise of improving productivity, foreign to go abroad to visit and study the advanced foreign printing companies, the introduction of advanced paperboard book installed equipment, absorb new management ideas, as far as possible with the world's advanced civilization. Through 10 years of joint efforts of all our staff, we are committed to the development of the printing of various children's books, including educational books, children's books, books of various types of paperboard, vivid novels, notebooks have been affected by domestic and international customers and peers within the industry, the same recognition and praise, but also brought us a huge market space, the volume of business card book for children by 20 per cent annually in the rapid growth, we are today only in the production of paperboard book production line has delivered 4 , 30 million investment in machinery and equipment, first-line production staff of about 30 people, but the business output of up to 600 000 / month, annual sales amounted to 40 million yuan or more.

          For 15 years we have served nearly 3,000 domestic and foreign customers, with major clients are well-known strategic partnerships, such as the China Welfare Press, Shanghai Children's Publishing, Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, Shanghai Tongji University Press, Benesse Health and Trading, Asustek computer, Suning, Gome, Unilever, Cheung Kong printing, MAF, HOBBY LOBBY, DOLLER TREE (US) and the like. Together, our expertise and production capacity coupled with our good service to your determination, will be able to satisfy your printing requirements. We offer a complete set of high-quality printing services at the same time and you can guarantee a friendly logistics services, efficient delivery times, and reasonable prices. We always take the interests of customers as the starting point, make every effort to provide you with the final plan and competitive prices, and strive to become the design, distribution and production of children's books paperboard professional printing companies.